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Adult with ASD/RD


The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJFF) is a national non-profit organization established in 2002 to focus on developing, funding and advocating for suitable and sustainable programs, resources, support systems and services that address the lifespan needs of adults living with autism. The vision of the DJFF is to foster a world where the diverse population of adults on the autism spectrum are valued as citizens who participate in and contribute to community life and who attain their maximum potential as individuals. UM-NSU CARD is proud to partner with the DJFF in the naming of its transition and adult services.  With a generous gift from the DJFF, UM-NSU CARD's transition and adult services will now be called The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Transition and Adult Programs.  For more details on the DJFF, please visit:    


As an adult on the autism spectrum or with a related disability, you can work towards an independent and fulfilling life while using the resources in your community as well as family support. It is important to understand that there is no entitlement to services and you will have to provide documentation to prove your eligibility for services and benefits. CARD's Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Transition and Adult Programs is here to empower you with the information you need to be an effective self-advocate. Whether you are taking college classes, renting an apartment, or using public transportation you need to understand your rights and responsibilities, such as those provided through the Americans with Disabilities Act. Knowing if, when and how to disclose your diagnosis to an employer and taking advantage of accommodations and assistance can also help you have a more successful work life. Finding and receiving medical and mental health treatment may also be critical factors to your success. We can help you determine the kind of supports you need and the programs which may be able to provide them.

CARD will support you in your journey through adulthood as you acquire the knowledge, enhance the skills, and make the connections to live a self-determined life. Our newsletters highlight adult issues while workshops provide information and the opportunity to develop skills. We know that your situation is unique so we work with you to address the issues you are facing whether you are in need of employment supports or would like to connect with other adults at one of our social groups. We’re here to help.

For more information, email For Miami-Dade or Monroe call 305.284.6563. For Broward call 954.262.7111.


Adult Education and Community Schools can provide opportunities for learning, social interaction, and exploring an interest or hobby.
     • Miami-Dade
     • Broward

Centers for Independent Living provide a variety of services including assistance with housing, employment, and social opportunities.
     • Miami-Dade
     • Broward

Florida HATS Insurance Guide for Young Adults

General Information Resources and Referrals
     • Switchboard of Miami (Miami-Dade)
     • First Call for Help (Broward)
     • Keys Helpline (Monroe)

Social Security offers two types of benefits to adults with disabilities, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Medicaid and/or Medicare are also benefits of these programs. Information about various work incentive programs is available through the Red Book.


Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit provides information and guidance for adults looking for work.

Employ Florida is a network of free statewide centers which provide job search assistance, resume writing workshops, computer training, and more to help individuals find and maintain employment.
     • South Florida Work Force (Miami-Dade & Monroe)
     • Work Force One (Broward)

Job Accommodation Network explains workplace accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Also provides information about tax credits for employers who hire individuals with disabilities.

Social Security Red Book provides valuable information about work incentives and how to work and still maintain benefits.

South Florida Autism Job Board provides a job directory for adults on the spectrum that live in the Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Monroe counties. You can search for employment opportunities and support services in your respective counties. 

Vocational Rehabilitation provides assistance to persons with disabilities in order to find and maintain employment, including vocational assessments, assistance with job training, and job coaching.



Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) allows members to connect with others.

Global and Regional Asperger Partnership (GRASP) provides community outreach, peer supports, education, and advocacy for individuals with ASD.

OASIS @ MAAP is the combined website for these two organizations which provide online support and information for persons with Asperger Syndrome and their loved ones.